Products Tarvos Dog Gold Chain - 19mm with Diamond


  • Gold Plating 20X Thicker: The Gold Chain Dog Collar will earn your dog the top spot at the park. Made with 20X thicker 18K gold plating over a 316L Martingale stainless steel
  • Easy To Use Buckle: The unique secure snap buckle for this gold dog chain was carefully designed to swiftly lock and unlock and is strong enough to withstand 700 pounds of brute force trying to pull it apart
  • Dog Gold Chain Collar Sizing: The dog chain's width is 19MM (0.75") and has a nice weight from 200g (0.44lb) to 370g(0.82lb) depending on size. Please note that this chain is NOT adjustable.
  • Highly Durable: This dog chain collar was constructed with high-quality materials made to stand the test of time or the strongest jaws. No rust, no corrosion, just a beautiful luxury gold dog collar each time it adorns your furry friend.
  • Great As A Gift: Who doesn't love a gorgeous necklace that happens to be durable enough to chew on. This dog collar is perfect for any medium or large-sized dog. A Saint Bernard, Husky, German Shepherd, Husky, or Pitbull will look fabulous strutting their stuff with this fancy dog collar draped along their neck.